Changeset [c29a54e21a6371e50efa2df7901dabdbfd77bfdf] by Aparajita Fishman

January 26th, 2013 @ 04:32 PM

More work on child windows

  • Popovers are implemented as child windows.
  • Renamed CPAttachedWindow/_CPAttachedWindowView to _CPPopoverWindow/CPPopoverWindowView, since that is its only use.
  • The default for CPView -acceptsFirstMouse is now NO, per Cocoa. Subclasses override this as necessary.
  • _CPWindowView -hitTest returns self it the mouse is within a resize region, which may be outside the window's frame.
  • Fixed an off by one bug in CPDomWindowLayer -insertWindow:atIndex:, where inserting a visible window behind a window it is already behind would cause it to move up one from its intended position.
  • Updated the ChildWindows and CPPopover test apps.

Committed by Aparajita Fishman

  • A AppKit/CPWindow/_CPPopoverWindowView.j
  • A AppKit/_CPPopoverWindow.j
  • R AppKit/CPWindow/_CPAttachedWindowView.j
  • R AppKit/_CPAttachedWindow.j
  • M AppKit/CPApplication.j
  • M AppKit/CPColorPanel.j
  • M AppKit/CPControl.j
  • M AppKit/CPMenu/_CPMenuBarWindow.j
  • M AppKit/CPPopover.j
  • M AppKit/CPView.j
  • M AppKit/CPWindow/CPWindow.j
  • M AppKit/CPWindow/_CPWindow.j
  • M AppKit/CPWindow/_CPWindowView.j
  • M AppKit/Cib/_CPCibWindowTemplate.j
  • M AppKit/Platform/DOM/CPDOMWindowLayer.j
  • M AppKit/Platform/DOM/CPPlatformWindow+DOM.j
  • M AppKit/_CPImageAndTextView.j
  • M Tests/Manual/CPPopover/AppController.j
  • M Tests/Manual/CPPopover/Resources/MainMenu.cib
  • M Tests/Manual/CPPopover/Resources/MainMenu.xib
  • M Tests/Manual/ChildWindows/AppController.j
  • M Tests/Manual/ChildWindows/Resources/MainMenu.cib
  • M Tests/Manual/ChildWindows/Resources/MainMenu.xib
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