Changeset [adb6404a0fd9e7625b4c55603f4102983cd76b88] by Alexander Ljungberg

October 14th, 2012 @ 01:20 PM

Support Cib/Interface Builder window positioning masks.

Without this feature windows could easily end up being placed outside of the screen/browser when loaded in Cappuccino due to e.g. the window position being 100 px from the bottom of a 1418 px tall screen but the browser only being 800 px.

This commit adds support for all "initial position" window masks in Interface Builder except "centre". Position can be specified in current screen space coordinates and then adjusted proportionally to the browser size, or adjusted while preserving a left or right margin and a top or bottom margin.

Committed by Alexander Ljungberg

  • M AppKit/CPWindow/CPWindow.j
  • M AppKit/Cib/_CPCibWindowTemplate.j
  • M Tests/Manual/CPButtonTest/Resources/MainMenu.cib
  • M Tests/Manual/CPButtonTest/Resources/MainMenu.xib
  • M Tools/nib2cib/NSWindowTemplate.j
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