Changeset [64915f18ff6bef6988dc2f6c8c7843425b2102c2] by aparajita

January 10th, 2013 @ 07:53 AM

Merge pull request #1711 from slevenbits/new-window-resize

This commit provides resizing of windows from all sides. The legacy style, which displays a resize thumb in the lower right, can be restored with [CPWindow setGlobalResizeStyle:CPWindowResizeStyleLegacy].

Committed by aparajita

  • A Tests/Manual/CPWindowResizeStyle/AppController.j
  • A Tests/Manual/CPWindowResizeStyle/Info.plist
  • A Tests/Manual/CPWindowResizeStyle/Jakefile
  • A Tests/Manual/CPWindowResizeStyle/Resources/MainMenu.cib
  • A Tests/Manual/CPWindowResizeStyle/Resources/MainMenu.xib
  • A Tests/Manual/CPWindowResizeStyle/Resources/spinner.gif
  • A Tests/Manual/CPWindowResizeStyle/index-debug.html
  • A Tests/Manual/CPWindowResizeStyle/index.html
  • A Tests/Manual/CPWindowResizeStyle/main.j
  • M AppKit/CPApplication.j
  • M AppKit/CPCursor.j
  • M AppKit/CPWindow/CPWindow.j
  • M AppKit/CPWindow/_CPStandardWindowView.j
  • M AppKit/CPWindow/_CPWindowView.j
  • M AppKit/Platform/DOM/CPPlatformWindow+DOM.j
  • M Tests/Manual/CPToolbarTest/AppController.j
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