Changeset [3775c3fb2e4148824692029cd5e46d6e8fb2eddf] by Alexander Ljungberg

December 17th, 2012 @ 02:22 PM

Fixed: CPAlert was a CPView.

Before this fix, CPAlert subclassed CPView, causing an API mismatch with Cocoa and exposing unexpected methods in the public API which made no sense for a CPAlert such as autoresizing masks. It also lead to CPAlert mistakingly shadowing _window from its CPView superclass.

This fix makes CPAlert inherit from CPObject as it should. The theming, which needs to be applied to a view, was moved to an internal view.

Committed by Alexander Ljungberg

  • M AppKit/CPAlert.j
  • M AppKit/Themes/Aristo/ThemeDescriptors.j
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