Changeset [2d96fcf87ff4886ea91eff406040d28b92a2bd3e] by Aparajita Fishman

May 7th, 2011 @ 07:12 AM

Improvements to the ThemeDescriptor capp template:

  • New/improved jake tasks: debug, release, all, clean, clobber, test, test-release, help.
  • help task shows comprehensive, formatted documentation for the available tasks.
  • BlendKit is automatically symlinked into the Frameworks directory if necessary as part of the build process, so that the showcase will always work.
  • User can easily change the build directory by changing one line.
  • Fixed incorrect placeholders in main.j.

Committed by Aparajita Fishman

  • M Tools/capp/Resources/Templates/ThemeDescriptor/Jakefile
  • M Tools/capp/Resources/Templates/ThemeDescriptor/ThemeDescriptors.j
  • M Tools/capp/Resources/Templates/ThemeDescriptor/index-debug.html
  • M Tools/capp/Resources/Templates/ThemeDescriptor/index.html
  • M Tools/capp/Resources/Templates/ThemeDescriptor/main.j
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The Cappuccino Web Framework, including AppKit, Foundation, and Objective-J.

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